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Better data for better business.

With the right behavioral data you can engage buyers with personalized outreach at every point of their journey.

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in Intent Data

Relevant buying signals

Relevant buying signals

Relevant buying signals

29 million+ permissioned members show us the active buyer information you need to win. Buyer activity creates the clearest, strongest intent signals available.

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Real people making actual buying decisions

People, not personas.

Real people making actual buying decisions. With Priority Engine™, you can engage them now.

We operate the world’s largest online enterprise tech communities serving every major enterprise tech market. Only TechTarget has this level of precision and accuracy.

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Real people making actual buying decisions

Customer success is our success
Customer success is our success

Customer success is our success.

For over 20 years, from onboarding to optimization, our global customer success teams ensure more value, fast.

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permissioned members

. 1.4M+
technology leads each year

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What our customers say

Pipeline Conversion

“Over 2.5 years with TechTarget we see: 951 opportunities, $47M influenced pipeline, 45.5:1 ROI.”
“This quarter we had $3.3M in first-touch opportunity pipelined, and $2M in multi-touch.””
“Based on the 120 influenced and direct pipelined opportunities thus far, we are 33x more productive vs. other vendor programs.”
“$300K deal ($25K per month) closed with JPMorgan Chase.”
“$9M+ in open marketing influenced pipeline; over $500K in influenced deals ‘won,’ 2 quarters in.”
“6 months in, we are tracking $6M of influenced pipeline and $1M of net new pipeline.”

Appointment Setting

“We set 2 meetings within the 1st week. One meeting is with American Express!”
“BDRs are seeing 22% open rates from their emails to Priority Engine contacts, more than 2x their average.”
“What we’re getting is more targeted, more actionable, and far more likely to take a meeting with us.”
“I am literally going account by account. I called and we connected. He needs EXACTLY what we sell.”
“Our telemarketing team has been calling on Priority Engine prospects. Of all the lists they work with, these are by far the best.”


“TechTarget has been an integral part of our being able to develop campaigns beyond traditional content syndication.”
“Your team is just as committed to our success as we are!”
“Your team is incredible. Everything we bring up, you offer a solution and dive right in to help us!”
“Your CSMs have been committed from the 1st onboarding call. They’re a true extension of our team, helping us to hit our KPIs.”
“TechTarget’s proactive recommendations have ensured our team has achieved significant value and ROI.”
“The TechTarget team ensures leads are delivered in our format. We sync weekly to evolve the campaign and address every pain point.”

Marketing Conversion

“Webinar attendee rate was 70% from Priority Engine contacts, compared to our previous benchmarks at 30-40%.”
“Increased our open rate by 93% and our CTR by 98%.”
“We had 3x higher than our average open & click through rates.”
“Nurture for a key but challenging campaign went from 7 qualified form fills to 27 in 45 days.”
“We are doing 4 lead generation campaigns currently for our team, and this has by far been the most successful.”
“The ‘aha’ moment was when we asked other providers where they got their data, and there was no good answer.”
“TechTarget is the only content-led intent platform, which helps generate more MQLs and SQLs for our sales team.”
“TechTarget has helped us build a stronger bond with our sales organization. That’s music to our ears.”

Building Database

“72% of contacts/leads exported from Priority Engine and 88% of accounts exported are net new.”
“28,000 names imported from Priority Engine over 3 months; 95% net new to their database.”
“80% of prospects imported so far from Priority Engine in Salesforce are net new and on our Inside Sales ABM lists.”
“Priority Engine has exceeded our expectations. It provides us a wealth of contacts, many more than we expected.”