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Databricks extends data lakehouse platform to healthcare

Healthcare data exists in widely varying formats. Getting it into a data lake where it can be used for analytics and machine learning is a challenge Databricks is looking to meet.


Amazon takes its telehealth offering nationwide

Amazon has made its Care telehealth service available nationwide with in-person healthcare services to follow later in the year. The company is tapping a growing healthcare market.


IBM offloads Watson Health business data, analytics

IBM Watson Health assets acquired by Francisco Partners include extensive data sets and software, marking an end to IBM's efforts in the healthcare tech industry.

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Predictive analytics in healthcare: 12 valuable use cases

Predictive analytics' increasingly invasive presence in a host of healthcare applications yields more personalized patient care, earlier interventions and reduced hospital costs.

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Health IT and Electronic Health Basics

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    problem list

    A problem list is a document that states the most important health problems facing a patient such as nontransitive illnesses or diseases, injuries suffered by the patient, and anything else that has affected the patient or is currently ongoing with ...

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    pharmaceutical detailing

    Pharmaceutical detailing is a 1:1 marketing technique pharmaceutical companies use to educate a physician about a vendor's products, hoping that the physician will prescribe the company's products more often.

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    medical transcription (MT)

    Medical transcription (MT) is the manual processing of voice reports dictated by physicians and other healthcare professionals into text format.

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