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How to approach Citrix performance troubleshooting

Citrix performance issues can be difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and troubleshoot them using various techniques, such as automation.

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Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops basic troubleshooting guide

Without the proper troubleshooting process, IT would have to guess what the issue might be. However, a clear and consistent approach can provide fast and accurate results.


Understanding remote desktop connection management tools

With the influx of remote work, it's no surprise that organizations need a way to access and manage remote user desktops effectively. A few types of tools factor into this effort.


Using native and third-party Citrix troubleshooting tools

End-user issues will come up in any virtual desktop environment, so administrators must be prepared. For a Citrix environment, there are various tools at IT's disposal.

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Virtual Desktop Basics

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    Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan)

    Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) is a free Microsoft tool that enables IT administrators to organize, group and control multiple remote desktop connections.

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    device as a service (DaaS)

    The device as a service (DaaS) model offers PCs, smartphones and other mobile computing devices as a paid service.

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    Windows 365 security features for IT admins to know

    Like any technology that supports end-user PCs, Windows 365 environments need properly configured security controls. IT must learn how to support these Cloud PCs before deployment.

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