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Semiconductor companies face a long road back to growth

Even with government money soon headed their way, top-tier semiconductor companies will still have to deal with a range of challenges, from falling PC sales to material shortages.


The implications of blockchain in the chip shortage

Blockchain has been a significant contributor to the global chip shortage. Explore the role this rising technology has played.


House sends CHIPS Act to Biden's desk

Congress approved the CHIPS Act and billions more for scientific research to help the U.S. better compete against China in technology markets.


Quantum computing market sees new partnerships, progress

From Infineon and Oxford Ionics' partnership to Cambridge and Honeywell's merger and QCI's new Entropy Quantum Computing, explore the major new leaps in the quantum market.

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    How to implement file classification in file servers

    File classification with File Server Resource Manager enables admins to classify and organize data. This tutorial shows how to implement and manage file classifications.

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    The kernel is the essential foundation of a computer's operating system (OS). It is the core that provides basic services for all other parts of the OS.

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    Spine-leaf (spine-leaf architecture)

    Spine-leaf, or leaf-spine, is a two-layer network topology composed of spine and leaf switches.

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