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How businesses can benefit from conversational AI applications

Conversational AI tools have traditionally been limited in scope, but as they become more humanlike, businesses have realized their potential and applied them to more use cases.


Why you need to consider using small data to train AI models

A smaller data set makes sense for certain applications, such as intelligent document processing. It is not helpful in cases in which a large volume is needed to avoid mistakes.


GANs vs. VAEs: What is the best generative AI approach?

Generative AI is gaining steam in the tech sector. Two popular approaches are GANs, which are used more for multimedia, and VAEs, which are used more for signal analysis.


A hyper-personalized AI platform for community finance

Using the vendor's Cortex AI platform, DeepTarget created a digital experience platform that community finance institutions can use to predict what consumers will buy.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    The white-box model approach aims for interpretable AI

    The white-box model approach to machine learning makes AI interpretable since algorithms are easy to understand. Ajay Thampi, author of 'Interpretable AI,' explains this approach.

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    AI winter

    AI winter is a quiet period for artificial intelligence research and development.

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    machine vision

    Machine vision is the ability of a computer to see; it employs one or more video cameras, analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital signal processing (DSP).

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